(noun): a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability


Creating impact through sports

Prodigy is a platform for youth to use sports to address challenges in their communities. Through advocacy service, policy analysis, and practice, youth lead the charge on inspiring change in their communities.

They are empowered to serve as a voice for their peers in sharing their concerns and observations with community leaders, government officials, and educators in the development of policy and education solutions. Members also work directly with organization leadership to shape all Prodigy programs, as this is a youth-led platform.


Real-world application of skills

Prodigy’s Summer Academy programs give youth an opportunity to deep dive into different aspects of the sports industry for a hands-on experience. Youth learn about career pathways in and around sports through exploration and experimentation, as well as direct access to job opportunities and industry professionals. Youth are also empowered to provide their perspectives to brands and companies.

In addition, youth work together to curate and develop their own events and digital content with input and guidance from industry experts along the way. Events are held throughout the year, with youth learning everything from marketing to budgeting.



Empowerment through mentor connections

Youth are connected to college students and business professionals who serve as a supportive network of mentors. Current college students provide near-peer mentors who share real perspectives on various aspects of the collegiate experience. Successful, diverse professionals across sports, business, creative, and tech share experiences, provide career exploration opportunities, and inspire youth to pursue their dreams beyond sports.


To give youth a voice and a platform to create their own future.


A network of youth who have been empowered to identify, pursue and leverage their passions for the good of society and themselves.


Every child has extraordinary talent and ability. However two of the greatest challenges to unlocking this potential are boredom and lack of opportunity.

Prodigy combats indifferent attitudes toward learning by creating opportunities for youth to explore and pursue their interests outside of the classroom.

Youth need to be met where they are and be given opportunities to lead in tangible ways that allow them to learn, grow and develop their own voice and vision. Youth should also be empowered to pursue their passions, set their own goals and create their own futures.




Prodigy Pro is a network of brands, foundations and organizations in and around the industry that support our use of sport as a tool for youth and community development. Pros contribute thought leadership and industry alignment, as well as enhance our programming by way of providing exposure, content and interactive experiences for our youth. We also work with brands to develop meaningful volunteer engagement opportunities for their staff, in addition to other forms of partnership development. Contact us to learn more about Prodigy Pro and how your brand or organization can benefit.


Sports have the power to transcend societal barriers and serve as a unifying language, especially for youth.

Sports are often held in high regard as a way to “make it out” and excel financially, especially in under-resourced communities. Yet youth are taught very little about the professional opportunities that exist in this global, multi-billion dollar industry outside of relatively short-term careers as athletes.

Why? The interest in, and passion for sports that many youth possess can be leveraged to communicate academic concepts, develop meaningful and authentic relationships with peers and adults, and provide exposure to a world beyond their perceived limitations.

Prodigy harnesses the influence of sport to engage and empower youth.



Is the program only for athletes?
Not at all! Prodigy is open to all youth regardless of athletic ability or participation.
Is the program only sports?
While we will likely expand to other points of interest, our initial focus is on the sports industry specifically because of its variety of career paths. From fashion to analytics to media to coaching, and more, youth can identify any number of directions in and beyond sports.
What if I don't want to work in sports?
We’re not necessarily interested in getting teenagers to commit to working in sports for the rest of their lives, or at all if that isn’t their interest. Our intent is to change the way youth view themselves, their talent, and their options for employment and education. We want to change their attitudes toward learning, and provide exposure to the world beyond their block. We also want to awaken them to their influence on global culture and business. Simply, we believe the language of sport is a great way to engage youth and accomplish those goals. However, the skills and connections developed can produce lifelong benefits and be used in any industry.
Where is the program located?
  • Youth Leadership Council meetings are on Adelphi University’s Manhattan Campus.
  • Student-Athlete Development programming and Young Women’s Leadership locations are school-based.
  • Summer Academy locations will be announced in February 2019.
  • Book Club discussions are held digitally via our Slack. Sign up for access.
Do I have to be in NY to be a mentor?
No. We leverage technology to provide our participants with access to as many passionate, positive adult influences as possible. We also work with other similarly focused organizations to connect youth to mentors in other cities. For more information on getting involved as a mentor, regardless of location, please send us a note.

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